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Asia NFT & DeFi Conference 2021 will bring together global NFT & DeFi unicorn companies

Asia NFT & DeFi Conference  is the first 3D online Conference and bring together global NFT+DeFi unicorn companies. The conference is organized by CCGlobal and The Blockchainer, supported by America Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association(ABCA)、Blockchain Association Singapore(BAS)、India Blockchain Alliance(IBA)、HongKong Blockchain Association(HKBA)、Ambuli International. The conference will be held from September 9 to 11,2021, focusing on the Asia Pacific market( China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India) and covering the mainstream countries(United States, Italy, Dubai, Europe, South America)on their leading DeFi & NFT projects.

Investment institutions, game players, and mainstream media will gather to explore cutting-edge topics in:

  • DeFi Creates a New Digital Economy;
  • DeFi vs. Regulation:The Future of Finance;DeFi Security issues;
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Stablecoins;
  • DAI stablecoin system:An open financial ecosystem ;
  • DeFi in America VS DeFi in Asia;Defi 0pens a New era of Digital Finance;
  • Open Finance to Build a Frictionless Economy;
  • Reconstruct the value of Data and Define the Digital Future;
  • The king of the Future: Decentralized Exchange (Dex);
  • the Universe Where Crypto and Metaverse Meet;
  • NFT Links to the Future: the Technological Imagination of the Cryptocurrency;
  • How NFT Changes the Art World;
  • Post-NFT Imagination: From Metaverse to Social Token;
  • NFT+DeFi;
  • NFT Leads the Era of Digital Music Revolution;
  • Digitize Real Estate through NFT Asset Confirmation;
  • NFT+ Games are coming to lead the next wave of the Industry;
  • The Opportunities and challenges for NFT Development;
  • Traditional Artists VS Digital Artists in NFT;

The speakers currently confirmed to attend are: (listed in no particular order)

This conference is expected to have 30,000+ DeFi & NFT industry audiences participating in the live broadcast; 200+ global mainstream media simultaneous reports; 10W+ reach visits, 1,000+ WeChat & TG groups, 100,000+ industry emails, and 50,000 direct mobile phone text messages; 20 Days+ promotional videos and materials are kept online in the cloud conference; after the conference, they output the opinions of the speakers and dry goods, and continue to maintain the activity.

Come to Asia NFT & DeFi Conference and Investment Roadshow 2021, explore the unicorns of the NFT&DeFi industry, and obtain exclusive ecological development Frontier views of information and industry development!

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