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Crypto World 2021 – The World’s First Education Based Crypto Event

EDUCATION focused, Crypto World 2021 is a global crypto conference bringing together the world to learn, engage, and take part in a once in a century disruptive advancement in technology and finance.


Crypto World 2021 will be held on November 10th & 11th and is a dual track conference. One track is catered to beginners and an advanced track, running simultaneously, is catered towards advanced crypto investors, developers, and experts.


The world’s top experts, leaders, enthusiasts, founders, and investors will be discussing all things crypto, defi, finance, investing, and blockchain in a high-quality, unbiased educational format.


Some of speakers at Crypto World 2021. Check more speakers here: https://www.cryptonite.co/#Speakers


Jason Francis, the co-founder of Cryptonite unveils the most important aspects of the event. 


He said: “Misinformation and confusion is a big hurdle in the crypto market. This holds many back from participating and those that do can end up in financial trouble from taking action based on misinformation or lack of understanding.


“It wasn’t until I learned and grasped the core concepts of crypto and blockchain technology that I realized how life changing it can and will be. The knowledge suddenly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that will enhance people’s lives through decentralized finance. 


“We have set out to enlighten and demystify the complexities of crypto by bringing together the leaders in the industry and making their knowledge easily accessible, and allowing attendees to connect with them in a virtual yet personal online setting. We’re beyond excited for the event as it’s going to be impactful for so many people.”


Over 30 sessions of hyper-focused live presentations, Q&A’s with industry leaders, project launches and ICO’s, and top-of-class education and investment resources will guide attendees, their businesses, and investing to a greater understanding so they can wisely participate in a revolutionary disruption of technology and finance.


Jason continued: “This all encompassing event will position attendees, whether they’re new to the crypto world or an OG investor and developer, to take part in a once in a century disruptive advancement in technology and finance.


“Over the past few months of putting together this event, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with many high-level experts and leaders and we’ve received almost unanimous response from all of them “Crypto World’s high quality education is exactly what we’re needing to continue towards mass adoption.”


As Lord Fusitu’a of the Kingdom of Tonga, Bitcoin advocate and speaker at Crypto World 2021 said about the event: “Come November it’s going to be fire!”



More information:


For media enquiries contact: Jason Francis, Cryptonite

Email: jason@cryptonite.co 



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