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Press Release Submission (1 Language)


  1. Submit your press release in either English, Thai or Vietnamese.
  2. After making payment for a press release submission (single language only), email admin@supercryptonews.com with your press release document and order number. We will upload your press release within 24 hours.
  3. Your press release should have the following: (1) Company name, media contact email & date (2) Your PR should be titled (3) A 600 (W) x 400 (H) banner to be published with your PR, if this is not provided to SCN, SCN reserves the right to put up a content banner of our choice with the upload
  4. If you would like to have your PR translated to either of the other languages provided for additional publication, click here.
  5. Please check all your inboxes (including spam) for the emails. If you do not receive a confirmation for your order, or if your PR is not published within the next 24 hours, please email support@supercryptonews.com immediately.
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