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Uniswap V3 – 3 Days Away to Grand Launch

Uniswap V3

The DEX community is looking forward to May 5. It is the date which the Uniswap team aims to launch their ultra cool V3. Uniswap V3 is a possible game changer for the DEX market.

If and when liquidity providers do come in waves owing to the advantages of v3, we may potentially witness its liquidity pool increasing exponentially. If the pool is large enough, slippage maybe reduced even further and may potentially beat a centralised order book system.

At present, UNI token ranks in the top 10 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap (as stated by CoinMarketCap).

Its monthly trading volume has also hit a record in April. How much further can the price of UNI token go? If BNB (Binance being the number one centralised exchange) is currently trading at the $600 to $620 range, it may not be that preposterous to see UNI worth $100. Only time will tell. But, the future definitely looks bright for Uniswap

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