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Condos in Portugal Can be Bought with DOGE

Seems like Dogecoin is slowly shedding its status as a joke coin. Entire luxury apartments in Lisbon, Portugal can now be bought with Dogecoin (DOGE), which is made possible by FNTX…

Facebook-backed Diem Partners with Silvergate to Operate on US Grounds and to Issue USD Stablecoin

The Diem Association has just announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Diem Networks US partnered up with Silvergate Capital Corporation. From then on, Silvergate Bank ("Silvergate") will be the exclusive issuer of…

It’s Official – Inflation is a Thing

U.S. Consumer Price Index soars in April, well above economist estimates Sharp rise also distorted by the low levels marked last April and is likely to distort inflation figures for…

Musk May be Manipulating Bitcoin’s Price

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sends Bitcoin price crashing by tweeting that the electric vehicle maker will no longer accept the cryptocurrency as payment Hard to imagine that Musk is only…

Hublot Releases Its First-Ever NFT with UEFA EURO 2020

In commemoration of the long-awaited and highly anticipated UEFA EURO 2020, Swiss watch brand Hublot unveils its Big Bang e UEFA Euro 2020 connected watch. (Hublot Big Bang E UEFA EURO…
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USA America

A Tale of Two Americas

Recent U.S. jobs growth data providing one set of facts for both Republicans and Democrats to draw diametrically opposite conclusions from The Democratic interpretation will fan the flames of inflation,…

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asset stock bubbles

What Happens When the Music Stops?

History provides some examples of central bank-inflated bubbles bursting and the monetary policy measures taken thereafter to rescue markets There could be a multitude of reasons that could cause markets…

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TacoCat Reveals Plans to Bridge Mainstream Audiences with Crypto World

Emerging BEP-20 cryptocurrency token TacoCat has recently been launched on the Binance Smart Chain and…

A Tesla for your Dogecoin?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sends Dogecoin surging by suggesting that the electric vehicle maker may…

EBay Allows NFTs to be Sold on the Platform

EBay Inc has just announced that it has permitted the sale of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)…

imToken Users to be Offered In-Wallet ETH2.0 Staking Feature

Blockchain infrastructure provider Infinity Stones and Ethereum digital asset wallet imToken has formed a partnership…

The SuperCryptoNews 30 Altcoin Index (“SCN30 Index”) is created to measure the performance of specially curated altcoins (see Selection Criteria) so as to present the state of cryptocurrencies which are pioneers in trailblazing the mass adoption theme.

The SCN30 Index is officially launched on 1st January 2020.

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SCN30 Index