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South Korean gaming studio Nexon to integrate Polygon supernet to enhance MapleStory Universe’s NFT marketplace

Nexon, a South Korean gaming studio, has recently announced its plans to integrate a Polygon supernet into its flagship game, MapleStory Universe, to enhance the in-game offerings of its NFT…

Thai Immigration Officers Face Arrest for Kidnapping Chinese National and Demanding Ransom in Cryptocurrency

Four Thai immigration officers are facing arrest after allegedly abducting a Chinese national and extorting thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency. According to reports, the Chinese man, along with his female…

XRP Goes Bullish as the End of Ripple v. SEC Legal Battle Draws Near

At time of writing, XRP grew by 17% in value for the past 24 hours and has a market cap of over $23 billion. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission…

Crypto Markets Hold Steady Ahead of FOMC Decision: Traders Focused on Liquidity and Macro Factors

As received from our reports, Crypto prices remain flat as traders are focused on liquidity and the Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) interest rate decision. The USD Index is nearing…

The White House’s Economic Report of the President Raises Doubts on Digital Assets

The White House has released its Economic Report of the President, which includes a dedicated section that raises skepticism about the value and worthiness of digital assets, as stated by…
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GMX Proposes Deployment on Coinbase’s Base Blockchain for Expanded Platform Reach

The decentralized derivatives swap GMX has proposed deploying its protocol on Coinbase's newly launched Base,…

Bitfarms Reports Loss in Q4 2022 Due to Decline in Bitcoin’s Price and Increased Mining Difficulty

Bitfarms, a bitcoin mining company based in Toronto, has reported a loss in the fourth…

Coinbase Comes to Circle’s Rescue with a Whopping $3 Billion Credit Line

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, recently extended a $3…

Noble Gesture or Self-preservation? Euler Finance Hacker Promises to Return Stolen Funds

Euler Finance, a decentralized finance platform, was recently targeted by hackers who managed to steal…

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SuperCryptoNews is a global leading blockchain & crypto news provider, covering daily news focused on trading and investment developments in bitcoin and crypto. We bring you expansive crypto news coverage around the world. We offer many thought leadership opinions from blockchain experts and leaders of the industry.

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About SuperCryptoNews

SuperCryptoNews is a global leading blockchain and crypto news provider, covering daily news on the latest tech and trading developments in crypto. We bring you expansive crypto news coverage especially in Asia, with a focus on Singapore, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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© Copyright of Novum Global Consultancy Pte Ltd {2020, 2021}. All rights reserved.

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