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SCN X Roostoo Paper Trading Competition Rules | Terms & Conditions

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This trading league is paper trade – simulated trading of digital assets used as a learning device for investors without the risk of investing actual funds into trading. The amount of digital currencies and virtual USD accumulated in this competition shall not be held accountable in any regard of real assets. 

The League

Pro League Competition – Race for the Best and Win BTC! The Pro-League is most suitable for participants with some prior experience in trading who are looking to put their skills to the test against other crypto traders. Participants are required to be over the age of 18 on the date of registration and will be required to pay the participation fee of $10 in order to participate in the Pro League.

Training Ground – Practice your trading skills here! This is most suitable for any participant looking to learn and experience cryptocurrency trading without any cost or risk. Participants can join the Training Ground anytime free of charge.  

Prize Rewards

Only the participants in Pro League Competition would be eligible in receiving Prize Rewards.
The total prize pool is 0.5BTC and 50% pool of total joining fee.

1st Place Reward – 40% of allocated joining fee pool + 0.20 BTC
2nd Place Reward – 30% of allocated joining fee pool + 0.15 BTC
3rd Place Reward – 20% of allocated joining fee pool + 0.10 BTC
4th-10th Places Rewards – Each will receive equal shares of 10% of allocated joining fee pool + 0.05

Winner Determination

Winners will be ranked by their total portfolios’ ROICs. If two or more eligible participants attain the same ROICs, the participant with the higher trading volume will receive a higher ranking. Participants must complete at least 5 successful trade orders to be qualified as eligible winners. SCN will publish winners’ names and countries in any form or media within 7 days after the competition has ended.

Prize Payout Period

Prizes will be paid in an equivalent amount of BTC (calculated on the date of the Winners’ Announcement publication) into winners’ specified wallets within 30 days after they have submitted the necessary information or any documents required for KYC.

  • Opening Balance
    Both Training Ground and Pro League participants will be given a starting balance of virtual $100,000.
  • Eligible Digital Currencies
    There will be 16 Large-caps and well-known cryptocurrencies available to trade.
  • Trading Hours
    To simulate the real environment of cryptocurrency trading, the trading hours will be open 24/7.
  • Trading Fees
    To simulate the real environment of cryptocurrency trading, there will be 0.25% virtual trading fee for both buying and selling.
  • Leaderboard Rankings
    The top 10 leaders in Pro Leagues will be listed on the leaderboards. You can find the Leaderboard Ranking on SuperCryptoNews home page. The Leaderboards status will be updated at 5 minute intervals.
  • Order Types
    Market Order (a trade order to purchase or sell an asset at the current market price) and Limit Order (a trade order to purchase or sell an asset at a specific set price) will be available.
  • Short Selling
    Short Selling is not allowed.
  • Buying on Margins
    Buying on margins is not allowed.
  • Hyper Frequency, Bot Assisted Trading, Multiple Accounts Trading
    Hyper frequency, bot assisted trading, multiple accounts trading, and any illicit activities which suggest cheating or exploiting the systems are not allowed. Users who cancel orders more than 20 times per minute may be disqualified. Creation of multiple accounts by any single user to participate in the event will be disqualified. If the system detects that two users have conspired to place matched orders, both users’ participation will be disqualified. 
  • Others
    SCN has sole and final discretion of interpretation of the competition rules and rights to disqualify any users who violate the rules. Participants will have to agree to Roostoo Terms & Conditions upon signing in. KYC may be required for prize winners.

For more questions or inquiries, please contact us at:

Email: support@supercryptonews.com
Line Official: https://lin.ee/vh9zjwl