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DeFi News

The combination of finance with technology is becoming a rapidly growing industry as we look increasingly towards tech to make finance more efficient and accessible for people globally.

crypto liquidity mining

CrescoFin Announces New Liquidity Mining Program

In cooperation with GYSR, regulated Swiss bank alternative CrescoFin has revealed a new liquidity mining program. GYSR…
Crypto.Heroes DeFi

CryptoHeroes: A Unique Yield Farming – NFT Market Hybrid DeFi Model

The world of DeFi has found a new interesting twist. Forget about all the boring numbers…
SushiSwap DEX

SushiSwap DEX Deploys Contracts on Five More Networks

Joseph Delong, CTO of SushiSwap, revealed that the decentralized exchange (DEX) has deployed contracts on five…
Binance BNB price projection

Binance to Accelerate BNB Token Burn. A Bullish Case for BNB

In Binance’s latest blog Binance Blog Post summarizing February’s achievements, Binance stated that it has…
AI oracle blockchain oraichain

World’s First AI-Powered Oracle Blockchain Network

World’s first AI-operated Oracle platform Oraichain has declared their decision to venture into the Artificial Intelligence…
umbria defi token airdrop

Umbria’s First UMBR Token Airdrop is Approaching Soon

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform Umbria will be giving out 100,000 governance tokens to their users-- the…
pancakeswap defi

PancakeSwap, the New DEX Kid on the Block

First, there is UniSwap. Then, we have SushiSwap. Now, the latest PancakeSwap has taken over…
BNB price rally

We Said it Before: BNB IS the NEXT BIG THING

As recently as on February 12, our editorial team wrote a piece about BNB titled…
Celsius APY payout

Celsius’ Reward to Customers Totaled Over $250 Million in Crypto

Celsius has publicly disclosed that it has dispensed more than $250 million, the total amount since…
Umbria Polygon DeFi

Umbria and Polygon Collaborates to Release a DeFi Platform

Decentralized finance platform Umbria Network made a declaration that it will be teaming up with Polygon…