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Digital Week Online: How is Blockchain Being Leveraged in Various Industries?

Blockchain is not something new in the technology world but have you ever wondered how blockchain is driving ROI in various industries?

Google Cloud Joins Theta Labs’ Blockchain-Based Video Network

Theta Labs, known for its blockchain-based video network and platform that currently facilitates the decentralized streaming of esports or gaming for viewers, announced its partnership with Google Cloud on May…

Blockchain is Coming to VR and Social Media

Virtual Reality (VR) platform Sensorium Corporation announced its membership in the Global Blockchain Business Council on May 18, bringing their blockchain expertise in the social media and entertainment sector to…

CBInsights: Spending on Blockchain Solutions to Reach $16B by 2023, Transforming 58 Industries

Annual global spendings on blockchain solutions are expected to hit $16 billion in three years, especially with more than 58 industries that have yet to reach their fullest capacities with…

Bitcoin is One of The Last, Pure Free Markets Existent, Says Matt D’Souza

In the hour-long session, D’Souza discusses the current Bitcoin market, impacts of the halving event on the mining sector and why investors should turn towards Bitcoin especially in current times.

France’s Central Bank Completes Digital Euro Test

The Banque de France opened submissions for central bank digital currency (CBDC) proposals from the private sector in March this year and revealed the successful completion of a trial for…

Tone Vays – Bitcoin: Uncensorable, Unconfiscatable, and Uninflatable

Tone Vays was originally from Wall Street where he worked for the big names financial institutions such as Bear Stearns and JP Morgan Chase. Tone is, without a doubt, one…

Block.One Faces Lawsuit Over Failure to Deliver on Decentralization Promise

Block.One, the company behind one of the top altcoins in the crypto market at present EOS, is facing yet another lawsuit for its misleading 2017 ICO sale.

Lending Platform BlockFi Suffers Data Breach by Hackers

lending firm BlockFi made an announcement on May 14 informing their users of a security breach where a hacker managed to gain access to its marketing systems.

Reddit’s New Tokens More Popular with Gamers, Not Crypto Enthusiasts

There are currently 9,802 Bricks holders in Fortnite’s subreddit. In contrast, only 2,299 members on r/Cryptocurrency have registered for wallets to hold Moon, the community’s token.

Jeffrey Wernick’s Insights into Capital Markets, Bitcoin, Blockchain and More

Jeffrey Wernick, a successful entrepreneur and a seasoned private investor in various asset classes, shared his ideas about current financial markets as well as the potential of bitcoin and blockchain…

Austrian Bank Partners DLT Service Provider Billon to Test Digital National Currency

Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is planning to release a digital national currency in collaboration with UK-based Billon, a DLT systems provider that specializes in data encryption and digitised cash.

German Bank Teams Up with Singapore Tech Accelerator Anquan Capital to Boost Blockchain Adoption

German WEG Bank AG announced its partnership with Anquan Capital, a Singapore-based tech accelerator to further boost blockchain adoption via joint projects in the future.

ETHs Stores on Exchanges Surges to a New All-Time-High While BTCs are Being Withdrawn

The amounts of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, store on the exchanges are constantly increasing during the past months.

Here’s How Atari is Making its Foray into Blockchain Gaming

US-based gaming and entertainment behemoth Atari is collaborating with Arkane Network, a blockchain tech service provider that helps gaming developers to customize their APIs, wallets, digital game assets and more.

Proof of Stake Alliance Provides Industry Recommendations in Efforts to Avoid Regulatory Ire

The Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA), an industry advocate and community-driven group based in the US, aims to provide greater transparency and clarification as to what staking is and how…

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