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Blockchain Tech

Binance BNB

Binance BNB Charges Relentlessly

Binance BNB token price has been moving up steadily in the last few days to reach its ATH of $442. According to CoinMarketCap, BNB is now the third ranked cryptocurrency by…

Cinedigm Partners With Theta Network to Launch Theta-Powered Channels

Decentralized video delivery network Theta Labs has recently partnered up with American media and digital entertainment company Cinedigm. Cinedigm will be integrating with the native Theta peer-to-peer streaming technology, blockchain…
India blockchain election

Blockchain-Based Voting System May Be Implemented for India’s 2024 General Election

Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora has made a claim that the Election Commission of India is working closely with Indian Institute of Technology Madras in order to develop a blockchain-based…
blockchain in waste management

How Blockchain Might Be a Godsend to Waste Management

Waste management is no simple matter. Taking into consideration that one person produces 0.74 kg of waste on average per day and with a world population of around 7.6 billion,…
Cosmostation OKEx partnership

Cosmostation Among OKExChain’s New Partners As Validator Node Operator

World-class cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has revealed that the open-source public OKExChain’s team got into a partnership with Cosmostation, an enterprise-level validator provider and end-user application developer. This partnership is the latest…
Manga Art NFT

Publisher Shueisha Starts Project to Make Manga Art Obtainable Worldwide

Tokyo-based publisher Shueisha, out of belief that the manga art deserves to be spread around the world, decided to make use of the original manga drawings in 2008 that are…
celsius crypto tlv

Celsius Validated Over $10 Billion Worth of Digital Assets

Celsius, a prominent cryptocurrency reward-earning platform, has confirmed over US$10 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets via 3rd party validation tools. Back in December 2020, Celsius has carried out its asset verification report…
Akash Decentralized Cloud

A New Decentralized Open Source Cloud

On March 8, 2021, Akash Network revealed that the launch of Akash MAINNET 2 has been a resounding success. Akash MAINNET 2 is the first open-source cloud and the only working decentralized…
Amazon supports Ethereum

Ethereum Is Now Accessible on Amazon Managed Blockchain

US-based tech giant Amazon’s subsidiary Amazon Web Service (AWS) has recently broke the news about Ethereum’s availability on the Amazon Managed Blockchain. AWS customers are able to set up Ethereum nodes in…
NFT Pastel Network

NFT Blockchain Pastel Network To List On Bitcoin.com

The first ever fully decentralized and scalable blockchain project, specifically for rare digital art, Pastel Network announced its pending listing on Bitcoin.com which is scheduled for March 5, 2021. Built on the secure…
Crunchfish CBDC crypto

Crunchfish’s Digital Cash Effortless Implementation of CBDC

Just recently, software firm Crunchfish stated that its Digital Cash solution has the ability to solve Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), sans any extra infrastructure. This will be a game changer to…
bullish altcoins

Market of Obscure Altcoin Potentially Bullish, Crypto Analyst Says

Crypto analyst Coin Bureau recently uploaded a YouTube update where he is looking at the altcoin Litentry (LIT) market with expectation that it may eventually go bullish. Coin Bureau showed how he…
NBA Star Player Dennis Schröder NFT blockchain

NBA Star Player Dennis Schröder Now in Liquiditeam’s Roster

Famed NBA player Dennis Schröder is now part of Liquiditeam’s tokenized ecosystem where fans are given many opportunities to virtually interact with him via LT Fan Platform-- the company’s blockchain-powered solution made…
Cardano third market cap

Cardano is Now Third Largest Crypto by Market Cap

Just a day after Dubai based FD7 Ventures announced its intention to divest its Bitcoin holdings and reinvest the proceeds into Cardano and Polkadot, Cardano has seen its price rise…
Canada uses blockchain for supply chain

Canadian Government Uses Blockchain to Enable Supply Chain Tracking

The Government of Canada has chosen to work with Mavennet to improve the end-to-end traceability of the steel supply chain in Canada. Mavennet will, over the next two years, refine its prototype for a…
Pentatonix Sweet NFT blockchain

Pentatonix Releases their First Digital Collectible Set “The Lucky Ones” on Sweet

Grammy® Award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix collaborates with Sweet to release their very first digital collectibles set on the platform as a commemoration of their new original album’s release, The Lucky Ones…

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