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A collection of curated cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech articles written by our global community of SCN Contributors and generously shared on our platform. Articles in this section are updated regularly as more contributors give us invaluable insight to the industry, bringing their unique voices and perspectives to SCN. If you have an opinion or news article to share, find out more here.

asset stock bubbles

What Happens When the Music Stops?

History provides some examples of central bank-inflated bubbles bursting and the monetary policy measures taken thereafter to rescue markets There could be a multitude of reasons that could cause markets…

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Apple Chip

Apple’s Chip Crunch?

Apple (-0.60%) may face chip shortages that could potentially derail sales of Macs which have become an increasingly important product for the company because of the pandemic U.S. reliance on offshore chipmakers,…

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SPACS Singapore

SPACs Head East

Many special purpose acquisition companies or SPACs, especially those from Asia, hang in the balance as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission tightens the screws on the sector  Asian regulators…

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China Introduces Smart City

Beijing Comes for Its Tech Giants

China Introduces Smart City Beijing's crackdown on Alibaba (-0.17%) is worrying investors that it is part of a wider dragnet to bring Chinese tech companies to heel Sharp pullback in Chinese tech…

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Grab company SPAC deal

Grab Hold of That SPAC

Grab's SPAC set to put technology companies in Southeast Asia on the map in a US$40 billion SPAC listing on Nasdaq (-0.31%) Investors eyeing Grab's SPAC will no doubt be thinking…

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Alibaba ecommerce

Alibaba and The Forbidding Fines

Alibaba (-2.16%) gets a free pass with a relatively lower 4% fine for antitrust action against it Chinese ecommerce giant faces challenges from upstart competitors as well as uncertainty over…

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USA America

Make America’s Economy Great Again

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sets squishy social goals for the central bank, suggesting that Fed policy is likely to be accommodative for longer than expected Reducing unemployment and…

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