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2022 The Year of GameFi

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If 2020 to 2021 marks an era of Defi explosion, then surely 2022 will be the year that GameFi will gatecrash the DeFi party. 

New technologies are boring if the content is lacking. Blockchain is an exciting technology, however, the lack of user-friendly real world applications have not brought much of the mass adoption theme to fruition. One of the best content-type to spearhead a new technology is Games. History has shown time and again that games have always created the bridge between the masses and the 1% techno-geek realm.

Ever since Meta (formerly Facebook) announced their metaverse initiative, it suddenly all makes sense why Facebook would acquire Oculus many years ago. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have foreseen the vision of “Ready Player One”. He deserves a standing ovation for this.

Games will be one of the early beachhead into the transition of metaverse. A new economy will be created for games, aptly named the “Play 2 Earn” (P2E) model. Axie Infinity has shown us how P2E games can be done and if well executed can create life-changing careers for many as well.

Many P2E games will be launching this year. One of the earliest to launch would be Mines of Dalarnia. We expect many others, such as My Neighbor Alice, to follow shortly. 

GameFi will create a much stronger wave than DeFi simply because everyone loves games. It will even be better if the gamers can be rewarded monetarily by doing the things they love to do.

As we look forward to some of these game launches, we will see more non-crypto users hopping onboard the crypto bandwagon. After all, technology is just a means to a better life.

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