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Buy The Simpsons and Monopoly Artworks with Crypto at Eden Gallery

Eden Gallery Accepts Crypto

Most of us have played Monopoly and read Richie Rich comics. Eden Gallery makes it possible to purchase such nostalgic, cartoon-themed works of art, such as sculptures and paintings, using cryptocurrency.

Eden Gallery houses collections of high-quality art based on well-known cartoon icons. These include The Simpsons and characters from the popular board game, Monopoly.

Alec Monopoly

The work of several of Eden Gallery’s exclusive artists has recently become available to purchase with cryptocurrency. Some of these famous artists are Eduardo Kobra, Alec Monopoly, Angelo Accardi, David Kracov and Gal Yosef.

The highly sought-after works of art presented in the specially curated collection are exclusive to Eden Gallery. The collection is available online. Purchases can be made with cryptocurrency only, both ETH and BTC. Regardless of where you are, Eden Gallery offers worldwide shipping so that you get your favorite work of art delivered to your doorstep. In addition, each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a formal appraisal from the gallery.

There are several things that make Eden Gallery’s crypto collection unique. Featuring the work of Eden’s most popular artists, collectors now have the opportunity to purchase their favorite works of art easily and quickly, using cryptocurrency. It is worth saying that the crypto collection currently does not include NFT works of art, but rather paintings, sculptures, and various mixed media artworks.

Eden Gallery Crypto Collection

Prospective collectors may explore the collection exclusively online. It is possible to make inquiries directly from the website and receive assistance from a personal art advisor at no extra cost.

While many art collectors have jumped on the recent bandwagon of cryptoart, Eden Gallery continues to provide traditional in-person contemporary masterpieces via the latest technologically advanced purchasing options.

Back in March, Christie’s sold an NFT artwork by Beeple for $70 million. The entire amount was paid in Ethereum, 42,329 ETH to be precise. Just a week ago, Christie’s sold a digital portrait artwork for just under $17 million.

Cryptocurrency is developing a reputation as an exclusive payment vehicle. The surge in cryptocurrency’s market capitalizations in the last few months has created financial excess for many. Many newly wealthy crypto traders are looking for new ways to invest their money.

Eden Gallery has galleries located in New York City, Miami, London and Aspen. Its showcase of contemporary artwork reflects a strong pop-art vibe. Their vibrantly colorful collections focus on luxury art that is aligned with today’s high fashion brands.

A picture is worth a thousand words. To learn more about the new Eden Gallery Crypto Collection and how you can become a collector, visit Eden Gallery today.


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