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Wholesale Food and Beverage Firm Buffalo Market Offers Pay-With-Crypto Feature

Wholesale food and beverage company, Buffalo Market, has just become the first of its kind to launch a pay-with-crypto feature.

“Adding crypto options is about more than expanding payment options; it’s about improving food quality in the USA,” remarked Adam Olejniczak, CEO of Buffalo Market. “Helping vendors and suppliers move to blockchain solutions is key to the transformation of distribution to a more transparent, efficient industry that benefits all parties involved: consumers, suppliers, vendors and distributors.”

The company aims to improve the food ecosystem in the US by eliminating waste and the lack of transparency.

“We are excited about the underlying capabilities of blockchain to bring trust and authenticity, key components of a marketplace, to the wholesale space,” said Sean Howell, the Co-Founder of Buffalo Market.

Howell added that the company is placing blockchain and crypto at the forefront of its B2B platform, which is a crucial step in bringing tangible use cases to the enterprise level.

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