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Crypto Art: The Future of Digital Art

Having been active in the art community as a whole and the digital art community specifically for 3 years, I was as baffled as some of you are right now when I heard about the term “crypto-art”; it feels as if I was stepping into a brand new dimension with such strange and complex concept that my feeble artist mindset could not fathom; but it was so interesting an ideation that I can’t look away. So with a little bit of surface-level of research and screaming into the void until I have the answer, I am confident that I can help all of you who are also confused about this hip and new “crypto art”.

Crypto art explained

So, what exactly is crypto art? It means that you put a permanent and unique digital signature on a digital file of an artwork (tokenizing) and then transfer it to a virtual block for preservation of scarcity of the artwork. 

As the token holder, you can either keep, sell or gift your artworks to other potential buyers, but the original file of your art is still yours- safely helm inside of your block. Utilizing this newly-developed technology, crypto art can tackle problems that has persisted in the digital art world: using blockchain, artist can ensure the scarcity of the artwork they tokenize, which can combat against art thief and forgeries; the tech can also enable faster and more reliable transaction between clients and creators.

Introduction to blockchain

As an artist myself, these troubling problems that exist in the art world have always been a concern to me, so when i heard about blockchain, I was ecstatic because we now have a way to prevent these problems from ever happening again. However, since i don’t have a strong footing in the industry yet, i have to find different ways to educate new artists about blockchain. So I started working as a Community Manager for the Crypto Art Community; my job is to build a community of crypto artists and collectors through awareness and education.

What is the Crypto Art Community (CAC)?

CAC aims to bridge the gap between traditional fine art and digital art by offering a community where experts and/or newbies can learn, share and connect with crypto arts experts all over the world.

CAC’s goals:

  1. Unite traditional, digital and crypto artists and collectors
  2. Bring innovation to digital art
  3. Provide a crypto art community to learn, share and connect with

The Crypto Art Community was only launched on November 23, 2020, as it is the first online community supporting crypto art in Asia. 

To celebrate the launch, CAC is hosting an online competition to raise awareness and with hopes to onboard new members. The competition is an illustration contest to honor the beauty of both the outside and the inside of the resilient, indomitable and capable Vietnamese women. More information on the contest can be found here on Facebook.

We truly believe that this will be a place for artists to freely express their creativity, talent and respect for Vietnamese women, and at the same time showcase the beauty of Vietnamese culture. If you find any of what I said interesting then give our group a follow and join in the competition.

Social Media

Crypto Art Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/414224496497859

Illustration Challenge:  https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2846581305662180&set=gm.425043765415932

My Artworks:

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