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Delnorte Terravison Streamlines Real Estate Transactions On The Municipal Level

Delnorte TerraVision / DTV is the only blockchain company in the world that has government contracts and supporting laws that allow it to digitize, tokenize and automate all real estate transactions for entire countries.

We have contracts with two countries in Central America and are in talks with numerous other nations especially in Latin America. We are on track to get several more similar contracts in the year 2022. Our unique contracts give us the exclusive ability to use our digital stamp technology to validate government transactions and documents such as deeds and titles.

Our platform “Delnorte TerraVision” aka DTV is a hybrid software and hardware solution that utilizes a distributed ledger to digitizes property ownership and automates government and commercial transactions. We automate such transactions as title registration, taxation, brokerage and sales, advance DeFi investing and crowdfunding, fractional title ownership, mortgages issuance, and title insurance.

We also provide 100% secure and transparent data storage, and property records. Our most important benefit is being able to provide 100% security of property ownership and conveyance to everyone transacting on our platform.

DTV converts physical documents such as deeds and titles to a unique NFT format. These records are kept on a public/private chain, and can be stored in cold storage for extra security. DTV platform that acts as a database for all real estate (like a zillow.com or mls.com), with the ability to transact.

DTV allows users to buy and sell real estate on the platform and allows for multiple parties to participate in the sale (such as brokers, lawyers, bankers, etc). The entire sales process can be managed in real time and concluded with government seal of deed/title registration on the platform.

Our DTV Emitter hardware digital validator device uses all the benefits of distributed ledger storage, and the reliability, security and regulatory compliance of classic banking. DTV is able to achieve high efficiency and the lowest possible amount of the validation of financial transactions this creating a reduction of Interchange fees.

The device is a programmable block that is inextricably linked with our payment gate application. This allows you to safely tokenize any financial and crypto transactions and even bank cards. The generated token can only be read by an active device.

A DTV Emitter token and algorithm reinforce the reliability of any blockchain while reducing the risks of the 50% + 1 attack. The current technology has already been tested in some local banks and already allows for payments for services and goods without inter-circulation in retail networks, and payments with crypto wallets.

DTV technology is licensed to all private and public partners to validate, secure and digitally stamp all digital property and financial transactions, while our contract and legislation makes these transactions legal and official.

To learn more about DTV please visit us at: DTV.tech.

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