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DOGE Coin Exhibits Bullish Signal

Doge coin rally

The price of Doge coin has been rallying from $0.0635 to more than US$0.074 (as of 10:20am UK time) in a few short hours. This is a whopping 15% increase.

Strong buying volume continues forcing shorts to be squeezed. This time, it seems that the buyers are out in full force versus what had always been a strong pump followed by a sharp drop in DOGE price for recent rallies.

DOGE coin price movement has been showing a bullish signal since a few days ago when its correlation with the general crypto market has been more and more detached.

Most recently, Mark Cuban own Dallas Maverick has started to accept DOGE coin as a form of payment and also opined that DOGE coin will hit $1 in the future. Many in the crypto space would be familiar with Elon Musk frequent tweets regarding DOGE coin as well. Interestingly, both billionaires have purchased DOGE coins for their children.

DOGE coin next psychological resistance would be $0.10. Once this level is breached, the possibility of it hitting $1 would be more credible as more crypto traders start to become holders of the shiba inu coin.

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