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ERX Launches Thailand’s First Trading Platform Dedicated to Digital Tokens

ERX Enables Investment in Digital Assets by Launching Thailand’s First Trading Platform Dedicated to Digital Tokens. Takes advantage of having an investor protection mechanism and the capacity to take the regional leadership role.

  • ERX aims to become the top player among Thailand’s digital token exchanges and take a leading role within Asia.
  • Draws on the expertise of major shareholder Elevated Returns, a leading investment group from New York and an issuance of the Aspen Coin, a tokenization of the St. Regis Aspen Resort.
  • Has partnered with prominent domestic ICO Portal SE Digital, to bring about a new dimension of investment.
  • Strategic focus on digital tokens backed by real-world assets, and offers a superior security standard as well as investor protection.
  • Thailand is at the forefront in regulating and supporting digital asset businesses. Digital asset businesses are supervised by the SEC ensuring investor confidence and supporting Thailand to be the leader in digital asset investment.

Having received a license to operate from the Ministry of Finance and approval in July 2020 to operate as a regulated digital assets exchange from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ERX is raising the bar with the launch of Thailand’s first digital token trading platform and aims to become a leader in Thailand and Asia in digital token exchanges.

Understanding investor needs, ERX stands apart from other digital asset exchanges due to its focus on digital tokens only, and excluding cryptocurrencies. Security provision and investor protection are enabled for every token that is exchanged and as digital tokens derive their value from traditional assets, they have broader investor appeal. The first investor accounts on the new platform were opened at the beginning of October.

Speaking of the recent platform launch, Mr. Pinpraaj Chakkaphak, Chief Executive Officer of ERX Company Limited, said “One of ERX’s advantages is our major shareholder, Elevated Returns (ER), which is an American company with expertise in real estate investment and the digital securities industry. ER is known for its issuance of the Aspen Coin, a tokenization of the St. Regis Aspen Resort, which raised USD 18 million. ER has also collaborated with global blockchain developer Tezos and worked closely with partners such as SE Digital, which has received SEC approval to operate as an ICO Portal provider to jointly create a new dimension in digital asset investment that enables digital token products to be listed and traded via ERX’s platform.”

“Our main target group are investors experienced in traditional investment options such as stocks and funds, and who are looking for new types of assets that offer greater yields such as digital tokens. We are also targeting new-gen investors who have yet to start investing; they will be able to access investments with greater ease and convenience, and without prohibitively high initial investment amounts. Furthermore, we are collaborating with securities companies to introduce investors to opening digital token trading accounts with us,” added Pinpraaj.

Two types of digital tokens will be traded on the ERX platform, Investment Tokens and Utility Tokens. Investment Tokens specify the right of a person to participate in an investment in any project or business; they are similar to a security / investment unit which is backed by real-world assets. Utility Tokens, meanwhile, specify the right of a person to acquire specific goods, service or any other specific rights.

The advantage of converting existing assets such as real estate, intellectual property or infrastructure to a digital token format is the lower operating costs. By doing so, investors are opening up an opportunity to earn higher yields while digital tokens also enable participation by individuals who may wish to start with a smaller investment amount. Owing to the SEC’s strategic emphasis on using digital technology to enhance the potential of the capital market, Thailand is among the first countries in the world to have laws regulating digital asset businesses and fundraising by Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The SEC is also working to revise relevant regulations in order to further facilitate the development of the digital assets industry. Thailand’s forward-thinking approach will help to create an ecosystem that will enable the country’s digital asset businesses to be predominant within the region. 

About ERX:

ERX Company Limited (ERX) operates Thailand’s only digital token-focused exchange, and aims to become Asia’s leading digital assets exchange. ERX Co., Ltd. was established in May, 2019 and currently (as of October 2020) has 85 million baht of registered capital (exceeding the required criteria). ERX’s largest shareholder is the Elevated Returns (ER) group, a pioneer in the digital securities industry with expertise in real estate investment in the United States. Elevated Returns is best known for its tokenization of the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado, which raised US$18 million in funds via its issuance of ‘Aspen Coin’ tokens that were derived from the hotel’s assets. ERX’s allied firm SE Digital, which places emphasis on issuing digital token products, has been approved by the SEC to operate as an ICO Portal. The firm makes use of security systems that meet the global standard and employs an investor protection mechanism. 

Additional details may be found at https://er-x.io/

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