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Esports T1’s Dota 2 Team Release Their First-Ever NFT Collection

Having partnered with TrustSwap’s NFT interface Swappable, T1 Entertainment & Sports’s popular Dota 2 team has started auctioning their first-ever NFT collectibles on the interface.

Each of the NFTs in Genesis Collection possess utility features such as special access to T1’s Dota 2 team players and more.

We are excited to partner with a leading organization in the esports industry. It is also a chance for T1 fans to pick the very first digital collectibles ever created by this legendary team.


Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap

The First is the first of the collection to be up for bids. This ultra-rare NFT features an artwork inspired by “T1’s rich history and spirit of winning” while serving as a commemoration for T1 Dota 2 team’s first-ever qualification for The International — the largest and most prestigious event on the Major Championship Circuit where the winner will get to walk home with $40 million worth of prize money.

(Source: Swappable)

This highly exclusive NFT comes with a T1 Dota 2 team jersey autographed by all of the players. It will belong only to its owner once redeemed, making this a once-off feature. The auction is expected to end by September 26, 2021.

The website states that the Genesis NFT Collection contains six more NFTs that will drop in the near future, while also reminding that The International will start in just weeks away.


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