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Former Team Members Stole $15 Million Worth of Pepe Tokens from Multisig Wallet: Pepe Confirms

Three team members of Pepe memecoin allegedly made a heist of approximately 16 trillion Pepe tokens from the project’s multisig. These tokens worth approximately $15 million were transferred to OKX, Binance, Kucoin, and Bybit before being sold, the last multisig controller left at the project said in an announcement. The statement alleged that the outgoing team members have also deleted their social media accounts.  

“The multi-sig now sits with 10 Trillion Tokens and one signer remaining, and I can assure you that those tokens as well as this twitter account are in safe hands. I want to explain everything that took place and provide as much transparency as possible with the $PEPE community,” the lone multisig controller said through X, formerly Twitter. 

The statement further spoke about internal strife among the project’s team members and claimed that $PEPE is now entirely free of “bad actors led by egos and greed.” 

“Yesterday these 3 ex-team members came back behind my back, logged onto the multi-sig, stole 16 Trillion/ 60% of the 26 trillion multi-sig tokens, and sent them to exchanges to sale. They then removed themselves from the multi sig in an attempt to absolve any association to $PEPE,” the statement detailed how the events unfolded. 

Launched in April, PEPE surged over 1500% to hit a market cap of $1.5 billion in May before falling sharply.


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