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New Report Indicates 22 Billionaires and 88,000 Millionaires Emerge from the Crypto Space

The world of cryptocurrency has given rise to a total of 22 billionaires and 88,000 millionaires, collectively amassing over $1 trillion in market value, said a new crypto wealth report published by Henley & Partners in collaboration with global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth. The study, however, does not disclose the identities of the individuals in its database.

The study delves into crypto assets, private wealth, and investment migration trends and asserts that, out of the 22 newly-minted crypto billionaires, six owe their fortunes solely to Bitcoin. Nearly half of the 88,200 millionaires identified in the report can attribute their wealth to Bitcoin holdings.

An additional 182 individuals have achieved centimillionaire status, possessing $100 million or more.

To put these figures in context, the 88,200 crypto millionaires represent just 0.15% of the estimated 60 million millionaires worldwide.

The methodology employed for these statistics combines New World Wealth’s monitoring of the behaviors and expenditures of over 150,000 high-net-worth individuals with on-chain data and public data from cryptocurrency exchanges to construct wealth models.

The report also provides an estimate of the total number of cryptocurrency users worldwide, which stands at 425 million, or approximately 5.3% of the global population. Of these users, 210 million are Bitcoin holders, according to the findings.

In addition to wealth statistics, the report introduces the “Crypto Adoption Index,” which ranks countries based on criteria such as public and infrastructure adoption, innovation, tax policies, and regulatory factors. Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates top this list, indicating that these nations have cultivated the most favorable conditions for crypto growth.

While the United States is ranked fifth overall, it claims the top spot for combined public and infrastructure adoption. Canada and Australia follow closely behind. The United Kingdom takes the lead in innovation and technology aspects.

Singapore, Switzerland, and the UAE also lead Henley & Partners’ rankings for the best investment migration programs, offering digital asset investors opportunities to obtain alternative residence permits and citizenship.

Henley & Partners predicts that as digital assets continue to gain prominence, the global wealth landscape will undergo transformation, with countries that embrace the crypto industry and foster supportive environments likely witnessing an influx of crypto wealth and investment in the years ahead.

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