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Part 3: Is This The Real Bull Run? Web3 Projects To Watch For 2024

The crypto market is taking a short breather after a recent Bitcoin-ETF fuelled rally. After a few weeks of healthy correction, we believe the market will continue its upward ascend and many good Web3 projects will be beneficiaries to this bull run.

In this article, the SuperCryptoNews team would like to highlight some notable projects that maybe worth consideration.

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Sui. We like this project not just because it is so easy to pronounce but really, the technology behind it is just mind-blowing. We love the super super low fees and how easy it is to build a Web3 app by a seasoned Web2 developer. This makes transition to developing a Web3 project so much easier for the millions of developers out there. The developer base and transaction volume have been growing exponentially. Sui can potentially be an Ethereum-beater!


Chromia. All the L1 projects, Web3 applications and more require some sort of database facilities. It is interesting that there have not been many decentralised database projects. Chromia is also an L1. As Chromia touts it, Relational Database + Blockchain = Relational Blockchain.

Web3 Game

My Neighbour Alice. So many Web3 games, but which one may potentially emerge as the vanguard to bring the masses into Web3? Alice seems to possess all the ingredients necessary for it to be the blockbuster Web3 game when it is released. It has a strong “Animal Crossing” vibe to it (one of Nintendo’s best selling games with millions of users). Doing an MMO game on such a scale is not easy and can easily take years. We look forward to Alice’s launch.


In our next article, we will explore projects in other categories such as Defi. Stay tuned.


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