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TacoCat Reveals Plans to Bridge Mainstream Audiences with Crypto World

Emerging BEP-20 cryptocurrency token TacoCat has recently been launched on the Binance Smart Chain and disclosed its plans to connect mainstream audiences with the crypto realm.

The initial rollout, featuring social media promotion, crowd-source marketing, and boots on the ground promotion, was a success as it reached $25 million in market capitalization and gained close to 12,000 token holders.

The incoming phase of the rollout will be introducing NFTs, staking, and more.

As a unique hybrid of lifestyle and crypto brand, TacoCat began setting up an exclusive merchandise store by releasing apparel and lifestyle accessories. The community of TacoCat have a say in influencing the future and the vision of the merch store.

TacoCat strives to be a friendly and accessible face for cryptocurrency for the common folks, utilizing its reach and stature to promote tokens with good brand potential, drive their adoption by the Binance Smart Chain community, and leveraging their brands to drive more merchandising products and volume on the storefronts.

The company will also be formulating strategies that could help support TacoCat holders with the revenue earned from merchandise sales. The growth of this revenue can enable TacoCat to expand into other ventures, simultaneously supporting the crypto economy within TacoCat’s eco-system.

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