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Victory Capital Plans to Make Its Crypto Market Debut

Victory Capital Holdings’ wholly owned investment adviser, Victory Capital Management Inc, has recently made exclusive agreements with both Nasdaq and Hashdex Ltd ahead of its plan to enter the cryptocurrency market in the future.

Victory Capital will be the exclusive sponsor of private placement funds and other vehicles for investors in the US, in accordance with the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) — a multi-coin crypto index developed by Nasdaq and Hashdex.

Victory Capital is looking to launch a private fund for officially recognized investors that keeps track of the NCI. Moreover, the company will be offering private funds that track the Nasdaq Bitcoin Reference Price Index and the Nasdaq Ethereum Price Index. Hashdex will be lending its trading and asset management expertise to each of these products.

“We continually strive to provide our clients with the forward-thinking choices they want and believe cryptocurrency is a viable asset class that can be part of a well-diversified portfolio,” said Mannik Dhillon, CFA, CAIA and President of VictoryShares and Solutions. “By investing in a portfolio designed to track the NCI, investors can seek returns that align with the cryptocurrency market in a diversified manner, gaining exposure to multiple digital assets as this market continues to evolve and mature. We are actively considering other vehicles and wrappers to bring these capabilities to a broader set of investors.”

As of April 30, 2021, Victory Capital has $157.1 billion worth of assets under its management.

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