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[Talk Series] Woman in Crypto #2: Cryptocurrency in 2021 – Opportunities and Challenges

Cryptocurrency is traditionally stereotyped as a male-dominated industry where the role of women is undervalued. In fact, gender should not be the reason anyone hesitates to explore the world of digital currency. That is why some women have been actively creating waves in the crypto space and their efforts are gradually recognized.

Join our virtual talk series #WomeninCrypto to meet and listen to interesting stories from inspiring female pioneers in crypto and blockchain space. In the second edition of this series, we will have the opportunity to listen to the crypto journeys of female speakers from Binance Vietnam, MakerDAO and Roseon Finance as well as what they predict as the latest trends in 2021.

Our guests

  1. Lynn Hoang – Country Director Vietnam, Binance
  2. Jocelyn Chang – APAC Community Lead, MakerDAO
  3. Audrey Nesbitt – Regional Marketing Director, Roseon Finance

📆 Date & Time

Thursday, 28 Jan 2021 – 6PM (GMT+7)


Online via Zoom and Livestream on Novum Alpha fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/novumalpha/


Novum Alpha: Singapore-based quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm that uses AI and Deep Learning tools to deliver consistent, uncorrelated returns in all market conditions

SuperCryptoNews: Asia’s leading blockchain & crypto news provider, covering daily news focused on trading and investment developments in crypto

Roseon Finance: A mobile-first, easy to use, crypto investment app, offering a simple interface that lets you benefit from decentralized financial products without having to navigate through the maze of DeFi

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