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Bitcoin-Wallet.org – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet without Verification, KYC, ID

Bitcoin-wallet.org is an anonymous bitcoin wallet without verification, ID, KYC, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

How to create an anonymous Bitcoin wallet?

To create an anonymous bitcoin wallet without verification, it is enough to follow four simple steps:

  • Go to the site – https://bitcoin-wallet.org
  • On the first visit, the site automatically generates a Seed (or mnemonic) phrase.

  • Save the received phrase, or create a new one. It is important to keep in mind that this site does not store seed phrases for security purposes. Therefore, they cannot be restored. And without a seed phrase, you cannot enter the wallet and use it.
  • Click on the “Create Wallet” button. Done, you have created an anonymous bitcoin wallet. No verification required.

On the official website bitcoin-wallet.org, everything is created with customer needs in mind. Therefore, opening an anonymous bitcoin wallet is not only fast, but also safe.

Benefits of Bitcoin-Wallet.org

Choosing the Bitcoin-Wallet.org service, the user can be sure that he has important advantages.

Reliability and safety

The wallet functions only in the client’s browser. This can be verified as follows:

  • download a web resource
  • disconnect the network connection
  • generate a seed phrase
  • click on the “Create Wallet” button

Thus, the bitcoin wallet will be opened offline. It will be necessary to connect to the Internet solely in order to check balances, receive and send transactions. This mechanism is also relevant when creating an anonymous bitcoin wallet.

Independent financial control

The wallet user is the sole owner of the BTC. No one except him will be able to use the cryptocurrency on the account. A high level of security is provided by blockchain technology.

Minimum additional costs

This service is completely free and has no hidden fees that appear over time. Working with a wallet involves paying only the standard commission in the Bitcoin network, which can be independently regulated.!


In the cryptocurrency world, this is an important component. Bitcoin-Wallet.org does not imply the use of phone numbers, emails, verification with documents or anything else. Also, the system does not store cookies and IP addresses. For the most anonymous work, you can use the Tor browser or VPN connection.!


The wallet has a light and easy-to-understand interface, friendly and logical navigation. The user does not need to have any special technical knowledge or be an expert in the blockchain technology industry.

Also, analyzing reviews about Bitcoin-Wallet.org, you can understand that the wallet is 100% coping with its functions – making transactions and checking the balance. It can also be used from a mobile phone, making it the most convenient and accessible for everyone.

To open an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, go to https://bitcoin-wallet.org


Editorial: This is a Press Release and has not been verified for authenticity, correctness and fitness

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