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Cryptocurrency is gaining more attention now than ever as various industries now acknowledge the benefit of the underlying technology “Blockchain”. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular in usage just like traditional currencies such as the dollar, euros, and yen. As awareness and various use cases of cryptocurrency increases, there has become a high demand for a certain skill set in the cryptocurrency job market currently. A list of top 10 crypto high paying on-demand jobs are listed here: 

  • Blockchain Administrator: As a blockchain administrator, you are required to create and manage an organization’s formal definition (membership service provider). This simply means managing the infrastructural design of the blockchain network through monitoring and the use of tools to ensure smooth operations. For this role, some prerequisite knowledge of Linux/UNIX environment, consensus protocols, virtualization technologies, networking, and programming languages (Python, JavaScript, etc.) are required. The average salary for this role is $104,866/year.
  • Blockchain Developer: A blockchain developer role is suited for a programmer. This role requires knowledge in one or more programming languages such as JavaScript, Go, Python, Java, C/C++, etc., and blockchain technology across different architecture. The average salary of a blockchain developer is around $154,550/year.
  • Data Scientist: Data scientist works with data to provide meaningful insight to all stakeholders. For this role, both a strong analytical background and communication skills are needed. An average salary of a data scientist is $123,064/year.
  • Financial Analyst: Some primary functions of this role are the evaluation of risk, development, and recommendation of investment strategies, and an interpretation of cryptocurrency financial data. For this role, the typical skills required are strong communication, analytical background, and a degree in finance-related studies. A typical Average salary for this role is $61,971/year.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: As a machine learning engineer, you will be required to build, deploy maintain, and evaluate machine learning model. To function effectively a working knowledge of programming language, Natural Language Processing (NLP), both classification and regression algorithms are needed in other to build/integrate machine learning products that would give an organization a competitive advantage. The average salary for this role is usually around $114,121/year.
  • Product Manager: The role of a product manager in a blockchain work environment is to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical personnel. It is not enough to build a smart crypto product, and as such communication is an essential skill for this role. An average salary for a product manager is $132,842/year.
  • Research Analyst: The research analyst is primarily in charge of finding relevant information that has the potential of keeping a crypto firm ahead/current. An understanding of the crypto industry, excellent communication, analytics, and the ability to get meaning out of large information are needed skills for this role. The average salary for a research analyst is placed around $85,775/year.
  • Technical Writer: Technical writers spend quality time writing descriptions of cryptocurrency and marketing strategies. Strong use of grammar in writing and a good understanding of blockchain is needed. The average salary for a technical writer is $57,282/year.
  • UI/UX Designer: A UI/UX designer in a crypto firm is primarily concerned with the user interface/user experience of blockchain products. Communication, creativity, curiosity, prototyping, etc. are skills required for this role. The average salary for a UI/UX designer is $103,159/year.

Web Developer: As a web developer in a blockchain environment, you will be tasked with building web applications that embed smart contracts. For this role, a core understanding of web development technologies such as Solidity, JavaScript, Python, HTML is needed. Average salary falls around $112,064/year.

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