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Blockchain Startup Vaionex Corporation Crosses the Finish Line for Seed Funding Round

Vaionex funding

With some help (in a form of investment) from a Dutch venture capital firm Two Hop Ventures, Vaionex Corporation announces that they have completed a seed funding round.

The investment will be used to fund the development of Vaionex’s blockchain-based online platform system. The terms of the agreement remain classified.

Founded by members of the Cambridge Metanet Society from the University of Cambridge, Vaionex Corporation aims to develop data science and blockchain-centric solutions. As of now, they are operating five proprietary platforms that make up an integrated blockchain-based technology infrastructure and development ecosystem.

The five platforms are Satolearn (blockchain education platform), Raspora (HIVE protocol-based dynamic information platform), MetaShard (on-chain database storage and management platform), ApiAndMe (digital API marketplace) and Block-Codes (code collaboration and monetisation platform).

Each of the platforms stated above communicates with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

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