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Coca-Cola Celebrates One-Year Anniversary in the Metaverse With NFT Drop

To commemorate its one-year anniversary in the metaverse, Coca-Cola dropped new limited-edition digital collectibles scheduled on International Friendship Day, July 30. The beverage brand will launch its digital collectibles to its existing collectible community members.

Last summer, the beverage giant made its first metaverse appearance with its ‘Friendship Day Loot Box’, which consisted of various one-of-one digital collectibles like a virtually wearable NFT puffer jacket. 

The brand also made a quick follow up with additional two digital collectible drops in 2022’s Hamburger Day and International Pride Day on May 28 and June 28 respectively.

Those who own previous drops collectibles will receive Coca-Cola’s new International Friendship Day collectible via Airdrop directly to their digital wallets.

The brand presented its digital collectible to match the thematic “spirit of friendship”, which can be shared with another person. Once shared, a unique artwork will be revealed for both holders.

Coca-Cola’s strategy of entering into the scene of metaverse to assumably attract more younger audiences has extended beyond digital collectibles. The beverage giant launched a limited-edition, sugar-free cola called ‘Byte’ in April which is specifically aimed at the gaming community.

In collaboration with 3D content developer Tafi — who worked on Coke’s 2021 Friendship Day digital collectibles drop — and Vice-owned agency Virtue — which worked on Coke’s Byte product launch — they developed the recent digital collectibles of the brand.

Based on a press release published Tuesday, in the second quarter of 2022, Cola-Cola’s net revenues were up roughly 12% in comparison to the same period last year.

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