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DeFi Conference 2020: The Rise of Decentralized Finance

defi conference 2020

Financial market volatility and risk has opened the door for a new decentralized market infrastructure that can expand market participation and ensure greater liquidity, trust and transparency. 

Excitingly, with the advent of digital innovation and technologies such as blockchain, the decentralized capabilities of software platforms are changing the rules.

DeFi or Decentralized Finance as it is known, can empower and include individuals currently excluded from financial markets with barriers to entry lowered, providing greater participation and access to unexplored pools of liquidity. The rise of stablecoins and asset-backed tokens could drive the development of financial markets via new forms of transparency and data credibility.

Bitcoin Events is excited to announce its very first online event will be the DeFi Conference 2020. As hosts of the annual Blockchain Africa Conferences and Crypto Fest, we are proud to be adding another event that explores disruptive innovations. 

The event is a free, 1 day online conference with two tracks and over 25 global speakers who will share their knowledge on these exciting and disruptive opportunities in finance. Topics will include the application of DeFi for financial inclusion and open finance (such as loans, credit, insurance, decentralized marketplaces and open banking), what challenges exist for privacy and security, and what compliance and regulation are being considered and implemented globally. 

DeFi is still in its infancy, however it is expected to grow quickly as there is increasing interest for decentralized or alternative financial products outside of the traditional financial system.


Join CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Heads of data science, heads of innovation and strategy, heads of IT, heads of information security, heads of engineering, heads of IT architecture, heads of emerging technology, heads of development, technical advisors, heads of strategy, heads of risk and compliance, regulators, lawyers, business transformation, data architecture, heads of applications, heads of digital, investors, venture capitalists, software engineers, research managers, development managers, marketing managers, developers, blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups and enthusiasts and more!


Attend the conference and gain valuable insight into:

  • How decentralized finance is disrupting various industries: learn about the real-world case studies from organizations who have built DeFi services, products and platforms
  • Developing strategies for successful DeFi implementation
  • Consumer demands of the future
  • Discovering how DeFi can enable financial inclusion and greater participation in the financial ecosystem

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now open. Papers can be submitted via the website here.

Meet some of our amazing speakers!

Hear from over global innovators and thought leaders on the DeFi products and services they have built that is changing the financial landscape.

defi conference speakers

Read more about our speakers here and their topics of discussion here.

Join Bitcoin Events for thought-provoking discussions on world-changing DeFi applications using blockchain technology.

Register for the DeFi Conference 2020 here. 

About Bitcoin Events

Since inception, Bitcoin Events have cut through the hype and challenged the critics to educate, upskill and drive long-term thinking on the strategic benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for businesses, governments, citizens and society. 

Over 2000 attendees from 35 countries and 170 global speakers have been part of Bitcoin Events’ conferences and events since 2015.

Bitcoin Events other upcoming events in South Africa are Crypto Fest 2020 and Blockchain Africa Conference 2021, now in its 7th year.  

For more information on the DeFi Conference 2020 visit our website at www.bitcoinevents.co.za or email us at info@bitcoinevents.co.za.

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