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Equiity Review

Equiity is a CFD trading platform to hit the market recently. Founded by MRL Investments Ltd, based in Mauritius, Equiity offers several instruments that can be traded with CFDs.

A CFD stands for Contract for Difference. It allows traders to trade on the price direction of an asset such as commodity, metals, stocks or even cryptocurrencies. CFDs appeal to traders as traders do not need to own the underlying assets in order to trade. In addition, traders can use leverage to multiply the position size with just a small amount of capital. A word of warning though – trading CFD is extremely high risk and a trader may lose his entire capital easily.

Users should always trade on regulated platform for the peace of mind. According to Equiity’s website, they hold an FSC license issued by the Mauritius government.

Trading CFDs on Equiity is a breeze. They offer their mobile apps as well as desktop app. Collectively, this allows a trader to trade at anytime anywhere. Their user interface is pleasant and new users should be able to navigate their way around easily. Their web app called WebTrader offers many tools to meet the needs of most traders. WebTrader offers a seamless and fast way to access the Equiity trading platform without the need to download any app.

When it comes to a variety of assets to trade, Equiity does not disappoint. Equiity offers more than 300 assets, 40 foreign exchange pairs and metals. Traders can trade CFDs on commodities such as crude oil, iron ore, silver, sugar and more. For example, a trader can trade BRNT-Future Contract and COFFE-Future contracts. Equiity also offers CFDs on major stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla and Google.

For those who love cryptocurrencies, Equiity takes care of that as well. CFDs on BTCUSD, ETHUSD and many more cryptocurrencies pairs can be traded.

For any online platform, customer service is as important as the features. In addition to the standard email support, Equiity offers users with live chat option as well as phone support.

Equiity offers several account types that cater to the experience of CFD traders. New traders can start out with their Silver account. As a trader gradually gains more experience, he or she can scale up the tier through the Gold and Platinum account types. Platinum accounts offer the tightest spread for many of the forex pairs as well as up to 500x leverage for forex. A higher leverage allowance requires a greater risk management and is best reserved for very experienced traders.

In conclusion, Equiity is a decent CFD trading platform that users can explore. Their myriad of tradable instruments offer flexibility to any traders who trade across a diverse mix of assets.

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