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Former US President Donald Trump Launches NFT Trading Cards, Nike and Smurfs’ Society Join NFT Market, and Meta’s VR App for Teens

Former US President Donald Trump has launched a new set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon network. The series 2 NFT trading cards are minted with Trump’s likeness, and 38,001 cards were created, each priced at $99, with a base cost of 0.0659 ETH, according to NFT OpenSea marketplace data. Within 24 hours of their launch, sales of the cards had yielded over $100,000 in creator fees and $1.2m in volume.

In contrast to the drop in the price of the floor of the first collection by 61% in 24 hours, the sales volume of the new collection increased by 1,011%. Trump promoted the new collection on Instagram, highlighting that he made the price of the NFTs low as a gesture to his supporters, which he said he believed would help them make money. The former US President also remarked that he could have increased the price to sell them for more money, but he chose not to.

Meta has opened its virtual reality (VR) app Horizon Worlds to teens coming from the US and Canada. Previously, the platform was restricted to individuals aged 18 and above. However, after the app failed to reach its monthly user active target of 500,000 last year, recording an standard of only 280,000, Meta has now made the app available to teenagers. Safety groups and advocacy organisations have criticised Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to permit minors into the metaverse. A letter, which urges Meta to wait for additional peer-reviewed analysis on the possible hazards of permitting minors in the meta, has been made public. In response, Meta has concentrated heavily on its plans to limit interactions between teenagers and adults on the app and offer parental supervision tools.

Nike has cast its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection via its Web3 community medium, .SWOOSH. The collection is a digital form of Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker, with Polygon-based NFTs available to .SWOOSH members at just beneath $20. Nike’s virtual creations will also provide special permit to physical experiences and products, with the company set to introduce latest utilities and advantages in the future. Nike’s community voted in November 2022 for the NFT market to be founded on its Air Force 1 sneaker.

The Smurfs’ Society, a Web3 platform, has launched a new NFT collection, with 12,500 tokens available in total. On April 18th, the Smurfs’ Society launched the initial sale of 3,000 NFTs. The tokens were priced at an average of 0.02 ETH ($42) per token. As per the society, will provide the owners with the ability to access VIP events, exclusive bonuses, and partake in members-based games, as received from our media reports.

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