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Hollywood Actor Matt Damon Stars in Crypto.com Advertisement

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com is releasing a new promotional video starring actor Matt Damon, which will be shown to crypto users and investors around the world.

Titled “fortune favors the brave”, the advertisement features Damon in a digital landscape filled with historic figures such as the Wright brothers. The ad is expected to appear on billboards and in TV spots across the globe, in addition to being included in Crypto.com’s portfolio of partnerships with prominent sports franchises and organisations.

Within the same week of the announcement. Crypto.com has donated $1 million to a clean water initiative co-founded by Damon and Gary White — Water.org. The award-winning actor believes that the platform is committed to equipping the people around the world with tools that can help them take control of their futures.

Damon is the one of the more prominent celebrities to publicly endorse a cryptocurrency exchange. Famed singer Mariah Carey announced her partnership with Gemini exchange on October 19 to encourage Bitcoin adoption. A research by Morning Consult has found that nearly half of the 2,200 people surveyed would consider investing in crypto if it receives celebrity endorsement.

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