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“I Am Not on the Run,” Said Terraform Labs Founder Do Kwon

Founder of defunct blockchain company Terraform Labs, Do Kwon has spoken out about the recent warrant authorising his arrest and asserted that he is not eluding justice.

Last Wednesday, as reported, a court in South Korea issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon. The warrant also authorizes the arrest of five other persons linked to Terra in addition to Do Kwon. Do Kwon and his associates allegedly violated the rules of the South Korean Capital Market Act.

The Terra chief has appeared to dispel the notion that he is now avoiding the law, despite claims to the contrary from a number of supporters, including the entire Crypto Twitter community.

Three days after news of the arrest warrant broke, Kwon tweeted on Saturday, “I am not “on the run” or anything similar.”

Kwon continued by saying that he and his group are prepared to speak with appropriate authorities who want to communicate. He claimed that they are prepared to comply with the authorities’ requests because they “don’t have anything to hide.”

The Terra chief hasn’t said anything about his whereabouts, though, citing privacy issues. He stated that only his friends, individuals he intends to meet, or anyone he plays a GPS-based Web3 game with will be made aware of his whereabouts.

Since the Terra fiasco, which caused investor losses totaling tens of billions of dollars, the warrant was the first legal permission for the arrest of the Terra chief.

Remember how Do Kwon said he was cooperating with the police last month during his first ever formal interview after the Terra crash? Additionally, Kwon said that he had relocated to Singapore but would not reveal his precise location.

Reports appeared a day after the warrant was made public, claiming that South Korean authorities were attempting to revoke Kwon’s passport. The director of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, Dan Seong-han, reportedly submitted a request to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting for the cancellation of Kwon’s licence among five other things.

If Kwon loses his passport, he would be considered a “illegal immigrant” in Singapore if he has no other travel documents. Singaporean officials have additionally expressed interest in aiding South Korea in the prosecution of Kwon despite not having an extradition treaty with that country.

However, it seems that Kwon may have already left Singapore. The CEO of Terra was not present, according to the Singapore Police Force on Saturday.

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