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Kraken App Now Supports Google Pay & Apple Pay

Kraken has recently announced that its users can now purchase cryptocurrencies on its app via Apple and Google Pay.

The blog post — which contains an instructional guide on how to utilise said new feature — states that the app will be connected to the user’s existing Apple Pay or Google Pay account automatically.

Prior to this, users had to manually copy and paste deposit details from their online banking app. Jonathan Miller, the managing director for Kraken Australia, said that the move aims to simplify the buying process and incorporate their crypto buying experience with payment methods that they are very familiar with.

The integration of payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay is key to making our platform more accessible to everyone. This simplifies the purchasing process and brings the payment methods that people are used to using in their everyday life to the crypto experience.


Jonathan Miller, Managing Director of Kraken at Australia

As part of a major expansion, Kraken has grew their list of trading pairs by more than twofolds for customers use pounds and the Australian dollar.


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