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Launch Your Own Decentralized Exchange with WordPress

The teams behind the crypto exchanges that exist currently in the market would probably recount the process of setting up their exchange platforms as a complicated and time-consuming one involving several team members, including developers and tech engineers in some cases. 

Now, as long as one owns a WordPress account, a new plug-in called Cryptocurrency Exchange will help both small companies with limited resources and even individuals starting on their entrepreneurial journey, or even bloggers to set up their very own crypto exchange on the popular content platform.

Created by Drapen Goren Holm, a blockchain accelerator and incubator studio supported by famed venture capital investor Tim Draper, the plug-in is based on the Totle API and widget, an aggregation tool which helps traders to find the best prices possible across several exchange platforms when they execute a trade.

Cryptocurrency-related content sites built on wordpress have access to a suite of crypto plug-ins such as a crypto price ticker, crypto conversion, crypto market charts and data, and even integrated crypto payment solutions. With this added plug-in, more solutions are available to crypto firms or enthusiasts when creating their own websites. Setting up a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch will take mere minutes, and the plugin provides integration with a variety of digital wallets.

“WordPress powers 35% of the web and is undeniably the easiest, most customizable solution for anyone to power their websites. Until today, nobody had made it this easy to add crypto-trading features to WordPress,” said Alon Goren, one of the founders of Draper Goren Holm.

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