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Mysterious Blacklisted Figures and Suspicious Transactions Rock LADYS Token Holders

According to Lookonchain, the top 10 holders of LADYS, excluding exchanges and contract addresses, collectively control a substantial 180 trillion LADYS tokens, equivalent to 20.3% of the total supply. However, it is important to note that the top three holders were added to the blacklist for undisclosed reasons, suggesting potential suspicious activities.

One notable player is DWF Labs, a major stakeholder in the LADYS ecosystem. Holding 30.7 trillion LADYS tokens, which account for approximately 3.5% of the total supply, DWF Labs has recently attracted attention due to its involvement in various transactions.

Address “0xd4b6,” associated with DWF Labs, notably transferred 2.2 trillion LADYS tokens to exchanges at the highest price point. DWF Labs has claimed that this move aligns with their market-making strategy to enhance liquidity and stability.

The controversial figure, addressed as “0xAf23,” appears to be embroiled in multiple blacklisting incidents, having previously faced restrictions from Pepe Coin (PEPE) before being blacklisted once again by Milady.

Interestingly, before being blacklisted by LADYS, this address sold a significant portion of their LADYS holdings, resulting in a profitable transaction of 52 ETH (equivalent to approximately $97,000).

Suspicion surrounding insider trading practices has also emerged in the case of addresses “0x44F9” and “0x3c7A.” These addresses withdrew ETH from Binance and subsequently exclusively purchased $LADYS tokens. Such activities raise concerns about potential manipulative actions within the LADYS ecosystem.

On a more positive note, address “0x3269” seized a remarkable opportunity to invest 3.31 ETH (approximately $6,189) and acquire an impressive 9.17 trillion $LADYS tokens. This shrewd move has proven highly lucrative, with current holdings valued at $1.35 million, translating to an outstanding profit of 218 times the initial investment.

Furthermore, address “0xc484” made a calculated investment, utilizing 24 ETH (equivalent to $44,317) to purchase 8.03 trillion LADYS tokens. This decision has resulted in a current valuation of $1.18 million, representing a remarkable profit of 26 times the initial investment.

Similarly, address “0x53e6” demonstrated acute investment acumen by acquiring 8.02 trillion LADYS tokens with 2.42 ETH (approximately $4,526). The current value of these holdings stands at $1.18 million, showcasing an extraordinary profit of 261 times the initial investment.

In a commendable display of strategic trading, address “0x770c” showcased an exceptional ability to identify opportune moments for purchasing LADYS tokens at low prices and selling them at their peaks.

This skillful trader acquired a total of 11.14 trillion LADYS tokens using 16 ETH (approximately $30,000) at an average price of $0.000000002731. Subsequently, 3.83 trillion LADYS tokens were sold.


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