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RMIT FinTech Club and Roseon Finance to Host DeFi Workshops

We are excited to announce a partnership between Roseon Finance and the FinTech Club at RMIT University (Saigon South Campus). We will be delivering quarterly educational workshops on topics relevant to Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi or ‘open finance’, refers to decentralized services hosted on a blockchain that replicate services similar to those offered at financial institutions like banks. Some examples are collateralized loans, exchanges, and market liquidity providers. These services are provided on a peer-to-peer basis, managed by a computer program on the blockchain (a smart contract) instead of by employees of a financial institution. This results in a very efficient system where a high proportion of the value captured is redistributed to participants as yield. By Q4 2020, this market has grown to hold over USD 16 billion in assets on the Ethereum blockchain alone.

RMIT Saigon South Campus is a branch of RMIT University, a Melbourne-based Australian research University known for its “cutting-edge innovation in economic and technological research”. It has launched the first blockchain course in Vietnam, and recently formed a student-led FinTech Club to increase the exposure of students to financial technology.

Roseon Finance is a financial application that brings centralized and decentralized financial services to your mobile phone. The app allows its users to obtain high yields by algorithmically leveraging its extensive network of lenders and borrowers.

RMIT Fintech Club and Roseon Finance aim to deliver quarterly workshops on the current state of DeFi technology, markets, and best practices. The first workshop series will take place at RMIT Saigon South Campus and will be free for its students. The workshop will kickstart the new year with talks on how yield farming and non-fungible tokens work, and their role in expanding the scope of decentralized finance. Event details follow.

DeFi: A Fintech Revolution

Time: 3PM — 5PM Vietnam Time, Wednesday, January 6th

Venue: RMIT University Saigon South Campus, HCMC, Vietnam


  • Liquidity Mining — The core infrastructure of DeFi
  • Introduction to Crypto Art & Collectibles

👉Join in now: https://fb.me/e/hSSN6uzaT

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