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Sweet Integrates with Shopify to Expand NFT Marketplace

NFT solutions provider Sweet has announced that it has integrated its NFT distribution platform into Shopify marketplace, which enables brands, shop owners, and IP holders to sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) via existing online storefronts.

By doing so, global retail and entertainment brands are able to profit from the rising demand for NFTs.

To date, NFTs have been primarily sold through third-party crypto marketplaces, forcing brands to make the hard choice of directing consumers to an off-brand experience. Additionally, broader consumer bases want to buy and own NFTs but are confused by complex and intimidating blockchain wallet setup, and don’t know how to get started. Now anyone can get into the NFT game through the familiar Shopify checkout experience, furthering Sweet’s commitment to brand partners by prioritizing the consumer experience.


Tom Mizzone, CEO and founder of Sweet

Sweet’s scalable NFT platform is making NFTs more accessible than ever and is adding more option for retail and consumer brands to sell and distribute digital collectibles to their customers. Not only does that enable direct NFT sales, it enables gamified, bundled, “gift with purchase” NFT experiences with tangible merchandise.

Now imagine gamifying the merch store by hiding Willy-Wonka style golden ticket NFTs in the bundles, surprising and delighting consumers with one-of-a-kind experiences. Not only can brands use Sweet’s technology to create engaging consumer experiences, drive sales, and drive profit margins, but the NFT can serve as a cryptographically secure digital certificate of authenticity. The NFTs are publicly verifiable and can’t be counterfeited, and packaging them with physical goods also ensures the authenticity of those goods.


Ken Ellis, CTO of Sweet

According to CNBC, the NFT sales in Q1 2021 have surpassed $2 billion. Brands that make use of Sweet’s consumer-centered solution will have a better shot at capturing a large percentage of sales as NFTs become mainstream.

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