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Thailand’s digital agency drive 8 major digital projects, accelerating the country with “DIGITAL INFINITY” concept

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) launch eight major digital-driven projects initiated under the “DIGITAL INFINITY” concept to empower digital manpower and drive development of the digital industry.

They are expected to help enhance adoption of digital technologies and innovations, and readiness in digital infrastructure and ecosystem in preparation for the country’s thriving digital economy and society.

Depa sets a goal to generate economic impact no less than 320 billion baht with digital skills of more than 6.2 million Thais who are expected to be leveled up after participating in the eight digital-inspired projects. The ministry and depa also announced preparation for “HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY” scheduled for late 2023.

Newin Chochaiyathip, Vice Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), presided over the press conference on Monday said that the movement aims to expedite the development of the country’s digital economy and society with a number of digital reskilling and upskilling projects for people of all walks of life in order to become a ‘digital citizen’.

“We are also committed to pushing development of digital-related sunrise sectors such as content creator and e-sports as well as encouraging entrepreneurs in the agro-industry, SMEs, small businesses, community enterprises, and communities to leverage digital technologies and solutions provided by Thai digital startups to optimize their business performance efficiency. All in all, those development initiatives are key digital fundamentals to move Thailand forward to ‘Digital Thailand’,” said Newin.

Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President of Depa said Depa has always given priority to digital development projects that are in alignment with the second-phase digital economy promotion masterplan.

He noted that the digital development projects under the “DIGITAL INFINITY” concept largely focus on developing digital manpower, driving overall development of the digital industry, promoting adoption of digital technologies and innovations, as well as preparing digital infrastructure and ecosystem to support the country’s development roadmap toward digital economy and society.

Depa’s eight digital development projects are as follows;
This is a digital technology and innovation contest to raise public awareness and level up digital skills for Thais so that people can take advantage of advanced digital technologies and innovations in a sustainable manner with respect to digital security. The HACKaTHAILAND features three core activities: HACKaTHAILAND Online Learning Platform, Hackathon and HACKaTHAILAND Digital Showcase.

2) Smart School Bus Platform
This project uses the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor to monitor and track the body temperature of students in a school bus prior to sending an alert to the central control system and parents via smartphones.

3) Smart City Ambassadors GEN 2
This is a digital upskilling project to elevate smart city development skills. The project seeks out new generations with a strong passion for improving their hometowns.

4) Thai e-Sports Internationalization Project
This is a digital skills development project to equip new-generation people and e-Sports enthusiasts with essential digital skills needed to advance their future careers in the e-Sports sector.

5) Thai Game Industry to Global
This is a game incubation development project to enhance the potential of Thai gaming entrepreneurs and games developers to create the most compelling games in order to stay competitive when it comes to international competition.

6) CONNEXION Project
Promoting development of new skills in digital technology and innovation as well as raising awareness about the importance of having new digital skills among general people, unemployed and newly graduated students so that they will be well prepared for next-generation professions in the modern era.

7) Reopening the Country with Digital Tourism Platform
Encouraging the public to take advantage of digital platforms to enhance tourism under the Digital Tourism Platform, Data Bank and Token project. Agencies and stakeholders in the tourism sector are encouraged to embrace digital technologies and innovations developed by the private sector to revitalize the tourism industry so that they will be ready for transitioning to the data economy.

8) Transform: New-Normal Market Project
The Transform Market project in the new normal will be continued to promote adoption of advanced digital technologies and innovations among small business operators, street vendors, SMEs, local shops, hawkers, and street food stalls in target areas.

In addition, the Health Link (Thailand Health Information Exchange Platform) was launched by the Government Big Data Institute (GBDi) and it is under the supervision of Depa. It is a centralized health information exchange platform to provide integrated services with patients’ information and medical records linked with participating hospitals across the country to facilitate cross-hospital healthcare services and medical treatment without requesting medical records from the previous or original hospital, enabling medical personnel to instantly access a patient’s medical records to provide accurate healthcare services in a timely manner.

“Depa estimates that all the digital-driven development projects will generate no less than 320 billion baht worth of an economic impact for the country. People across segments in society can participate in every project with more than 6.2 million people expected to be leveled up with digital skills. Depa hopes that all Thais will be able to experience and learn about digital technology and innovation through hands-on experience at the event,” said president of Depa.

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