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The Future of Web3 & NFTs is Not All JPEGs

The tokenized images may no longer be the most common application for NFTs, according to Brian Trunzo, the metaverse lead at Polygon Studios. 

He stated in an interview at the Chainlink SmartCon 2022 conference that the crypto industry will have achieved widespread adoption of Web3 technology, NFTs, and the metaverse when those terms are no longer required.

Trunzo contended that those who are skeptical of the technology do so because they have a limited conception of Web3, and he asserted that more NFT use cases will become widespread in the future. 

Their perception of it, he said, is that which the mainstream press portrays to be right-click-save JPEGs, an investment grade asset class—which, in his opinion, is not the future of Web3 and NFTs.”

He said that they currently perceive the investment grade asset class as what the mainstream press would describe a “right-click-save JPEG.” Trunzo opined that this is not the future of Web3 and NFTs.

Polygon Studios is partnered with developers and businesses who are using Polygon, a sidechain scaling network for Ethereum. As a metaverse lead, Trunzo and his group work to set the stage for technologies that will support NFT-powered experiences and engaging apps from multiple creators.

He highlighted Starbucks’ most recent NFT announcement as an idea of how he views the assets being used as a technological layer instead of an investment tool itself. Starbucks will use Polygon to sell luxury NFTs and distribute free NFT stamps to customers, all of which can entitle them to benefits and activities in the real world.

The metaverse lead remarked that the “Web3 will be measured in gamification—brand immersion” if Web2 was evaluated according to engagement.

Although the Starbucks project won’t be a 3D game-like metaverse like Decentraland or The Sandbox, it is nevertheless intended to engage consumers in both digital and physical environments.

One of the largest potentials he sees in the industry, along with digital fashion, is that kind of Web 3 gamification. Vanity and the desire to display virtual “show-offs” are two other needs of users that metaverse fashion would appeal to, according to Trunzo, who previously co-founded real-world menswear firms.

And it’s not surprising that Trunzo is on the side of the argument that believes NFTs will eventually be beneficial when it comes to authentic video game experiences. Because of frauds and speculations, as well as the prevalent perception that creators and publishers will utilize NFTs to extort more money from users, many gamers are not enthusiastic about them.

Trunzo foresees that a growing number of players will eventually accept the advantages of employing NFTs in games, despite the present anti-NFT sentiment. According to him, there will be a significant advantage for players to be able to fully own their development and unlock benefits as NFT assets, which can then be sold or may be used across different games.

However, when that occurs, he does not think that all upcoming video games should utilize NFTs. With moderate or restricted Web3 capabilities, certain games may exist wholly on-chain, while others may not perceive the need for NFTs.

While this is going on, several early metaverse games have been criticized for having graphics that pale in comparison to the best games available today. Trunzo acknowledged the infancy of Web3 gaming but added that games don’t always need to look stunning and endure the test of time. 

Trunzo thinks that Web3 games will eventually appear in a much wider variety, some with high-end graphics and others with more basic or lo-fi designs. There will likely be something to satisfy everyone, he suggested.

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