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‘Tis the Season

Alt season. Defi season. Oracle season. Refresh Blockfolio season. Genius season. Buy anything and get rich season. New paradigm, there are no resistances and number only go up.

If you’re a crypto trader or investor you’ve probably felt euphoric the past couple of weeks. Unless you’re a bear that is, broke and in disbelief after having shorted BTC the whole way up, spending the past months distrusting this whole rally. Bear market PTSD is real. Or maybe all this time you’ve been overexposed to shitcoins finding their generational bottoms on the BTC trading pairs.

What we’re all beginning to realize though, is that this time is different. This run is just starting and it’s nothing like 2017 (Okay, there are some similarities. Uniswap rug pulls by anonymous teams really are just ICO 2.0). We’re witnessing institutional FOMO and retail are only just recently starting to show up. Outside the echo chamber that is Crypto Twitter no one is talking about Bitcoin.

 Probably just PayPal, Grayscale or Square adding to their balance sheet

Make no mistake though, the herd will come, probably right after a new, more convincing BTC all-time high hits and mainstream media hype picks up again. Right now there is a whole new generation of traders getting shilled on crypto by their favorite TikTok influencer, and they’re about to get their first shitcoin fix from Robinhood in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, we patiently wait for BTC to do its thing so alt season can really begin, watching the ETHBTC ratio as the leading indicator to kick it all off. As BTC dominance drops and money flows – first to large, then mid, and finally small caps – I pray that over the past few years I’ve attained the skill of timing this beautiful game of musical chairs.

It’s already starting though. Old coins that haven’t moved since 2018 are showing signs of life again. Even Ripple which no one but the XRP army thought would ever pump again is up 166 percent over the past month. Still, with 530 percent left to go to its 2018 top this just tells us that the moves we’re seeing from alts at this point are insignificant compared to what can be expected when the real alt season begins.

Whether you’re a chad degen trader aping into obvious Uniswap scams, hoping to catch a 50x before the rug gets pulled, or you diversify into a few carefully selected projects with solid fundamentals, now is the time to position yourself for what’s coming. And to the OGs that went from zero to millionaire and back to zero last bullrun, we waited three years and now we get a second chance to dump our heavy bags on the normies and make it all back. 

Remember though, we’re only getting warmed up. Shit is about to get real. Don’t marry your bags, the goal is always to get more corn. Nobody ever went broke taking profit so you should do that when you feel euphoria all around you. That is when newcomers buy for the first time. If we follow these simple rules (I know, they are anything but) we’re all gonna make it.

Traders gonna trade. Holders gonna hold. Haters gonna hate and say it’s tulip season all over again and that BTC will never be a store of value or competitor to gold. Hello Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini. Cope harder.

Not financial advice. DYOR.

Bitcoin breaking ATH again will probably be an underwhelming event (Image by Twitter user @CryptoUB)

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