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350 Spanish Parliament Members are Now Bitcoin Holders

Tutellus, a blockchain educational platform, and Blockchain Observatory have launched a campaign to increase awareness and exposure to cryptocurrency for all 350 members of the Spanish lower house according to the local news outlet, ABC.

All 350 congress members now are de facto Bitcoin holders after receiving 1 Euro worth of Bitcoin (approximately 0.0001 BTC or 10,000 Satoshi.) The person behind this campaign drive, Miguel Caballero, Tutellus Founder and CEO claims “this was not a political donation” 

“Probably many of your Lordships already have some experience in the use of cryptocurrencies, but we would like for those who are not yet familiar with the new money to have the opportunity to become familiar with it,” he further explained.

This publicity stunt is similar to the Chambers of Digital Commerce (CDC)’s recent Crypto for Congress campaign, where $50 worth of Bitcoin was sent to every member of the US Congress earlier this month.

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