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Coinbase Pro Shutters Permanently, Moves Features to Main Platform

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will soon be closing down its Coinbase Pro service and move all of its features to the main platform. The firm stated that it wishes to have all of its services in one place. By doing so, customers are able to stake, borrow, and use its wallet and Coinbase Card on the main platform.

The exchange stated that the main Coinbase mobile app will gain a new feature called Advanced Trade, as well as other improvements that will make this new feature a step-up from Coinbase Pro.

The Advanced Trade feature is said to offer “more in-depth technical analysis, advanced real-time order books, and charting powered by TradingView.” This is so that customers can research and analyse crypto markets prior to making investment decisions.

Moreover, the redesign will include a new dApp browser, real-time price charts, and default dark mode. Users are also able to explore DeFi protocols, play-to-earn games, and more functionality that facilitates movement between dapps on various networks. Speaking of networks, the Coinbase mentioned their plans to support more networks in the future.

Since the app will start adding support for the Solana network, users are no longer required to keep multiple wallet apps as they are able to send, receive and store SOL and SPL tokens from the redesigned app.

Users of the redesigned Coinbase Wallet app can expect a better management system for their Ethereum and Polygon NFTs.

The new Wallet mobile app is slated for launch on June 22, with more users gaining access to the app in the coming weeks.

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