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DappRadar Launches Binance Smart Chain Portfolio Tracker and NFT Rankings Products

dapp radar tracker

DappRadar, known as the trusted source for tracking, analysis and discovery of decentralized applications (dapps), has added two new innovative products to their inventory — the Binance Smart Chain Portfolio Tracker and an extension to NFT Rankings.

While DappRadar may be utilized for accurate and real-time data, most of the users stayed for the portfolio tracker. The portfolio tracker is a personalized hub with a digital holding management and net worth monitoring features.

During its early run, only the Ethereum wallet can be connected. From today onwards, Binance wallet can be added for an even more comprehensive digital holding overview.

Given Binance is experiencing an exceptional growth and rolling in $700 billion in transactional volumes in February, the CEO of DappRadar Skirmatas Januškas said:

“Binance Smart Chain is giving the more established protocols a run for their money at the moment. With users now able to manage both their Ethereum and BSC wallets in one place, it gives them increased clarity of their net worth. This is another significant milestone for the business.”

The company’s expansion of its BSC DeFi dapps inventory will not stop here, more new products may be expected to arrive anytime in the future.

The available Non-Fungible Token (NFT) proposition has been expanded in order to provide collections and real-time sales across multiple products.

The company’s CDO and co-founder Dragos Dunica stated:

“I’m really pleased that we’ve launched this extension. Our users can now discover detailed information on buyer and seller wallets across our ranking and portfolio pages. It makes our NFT offering even stronger.”

Important NFT projects such as NBA TopShots, Avastars and CryptoPunks will be included in the rankings as well.

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