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El Salvador Plans to Build $4 Million Veterinary Hospital With Bitcoin Trust Profits

 Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, announced that they might fund the construction of a new veterinary hospital using a part of the $4 million profit gained from the country’s Bitcoin holdings.

The veterinary hospital is said to feature four operating rooms, four emergency clinics, 19 offices and a rehabilitation area. Bukele said: “We decided to invest a part of that money in this: a veterinary hospital for our furry friends.”

The president stated that the facility will aim to perform 64 surgeries, respond to 128 emergencies, and deal with close to 400 general appointments everyday. Bukele attached a 3D mock-up of the hospital to the tweet.

Public reactions towards this announcement has been mixed, with many locals suggesting different uses for the crypto profits. One of the Twitter users remarked that the money should be used to improve the country’s existing medical facilities — a sentiment shared by many other commenters as well.

As for some commenters, they felt that the government has failed to invest in infrastructure outside of the country’s capital.

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