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ELONGATE to Be Listed on Major Exchange For the First Time

World’s first and largest charity token, ELONGATE, has recently announced its first major exchange listing on BitMart. The trading pair of ELONGATE/USDT will open at 04.00 EDT on May 10.

ELONGATE has raised $2 million for many charities. The most recent donations went to food and general support programs in war-ridden countries via the Human Relief Foundation, and to COVID-19 relief efforts in India via Give India.

In just a month, the Elongate ecosystem has grown to change the face of charity and crypto trading. Our tokenomics is an integral part of the Elongate identity and thus I am elated that BitMart has been supportive to make this exchange listing happen.


Hasan Aziz, CTO of Elongate

Besides the aforementioned Human Relief Foundation and Give India, Elongate has also raised $2 million for organizations like Children International, Action Against Hunger, The Ocean Cleanup, Big Green and Mark Rober’s Color The Spectrum.

There are currently over 350,000 holders that make up the Elongate community, with a following of more than 225,000 users from all of its platforms and channels.

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