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The Tokenization of Diamond Certification is Here

GXT TECH has become the first to introduce a technology that uses blockchain-based NFT on diamond certificates — GXT NFT.

“If the real certificate has been remained intact, it will be difficult to determine the authenticity of counterfeit products, and there is also possibility that theft cannot be handled. GXT NFT is a unique tokenized digital certificate recorded in the blockchain ledger that can guarantee the diamond is not counterfeit, lost or stolen. It is expected that can play a role of buffer to protect the market from counterfeiting and money-laundering,” said the authority of GXT TECH.

Customers can join the special reward program, where they can re-purchase with 90% of the price after two years if the diamonds are bought at GXT World (Diamond Trading Platform). During this process, the diamond owners will need to return the certification token (GXT NFT) together with the diamond as GXT TECH guarantees the diamonds by the certification token.

The second renewal service by GXT World is expected to arrive soon in order to allow everyone to register their diamonds via GXT NFT.

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