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Fairdesk: An Exclusive Crypto Platform By Former Binance & Morgan Stanley Developers

Recently, six former Binance executives and three former Stanley Morgan software architects have launched a new cryptocurrency exchange — Fairdesk.

The whole crypto trading industry is quite fascinating as blockchain is the future and users are very active. However, the crypto trading business is still very young and a lot could be done to make the trading faster, securer and fairer.


We shared the ideas with our former colleagues, and all of us decided to create a new trading platform together to make it happen and we have made it.


Jacky Choi, Co-founder of Fairdesk

The Fairdesk company aims to build a platform where traders could go both long and short, earn profits from both bullish and bearish markets with leverage of up to 125X. Fairdesk is committed to promote security, fairness, reliability and high performance.


Fairdesk strives to provide the highest level of protection to its customers and stakeholders by ensuring that all funds are kept in multi-level cold wallets and that every transaction would be manually inspected and signed offline. Since cold wallets are often disconnected from the network, this leaves them significantly less vulnerable to network-based attacks.


With carefully designed mark price, funding rate and stepping liquidation process, this helps limit the scale and frequency of liquidation — protecting the assets of the clients in most market situations. Clients are able to reap the most profits as trading commission is set at the lowest levels in the industry.


Fairdesk deliberately designed its trading infrastructure to be reliable. The company claims to compensate clients with open positions if the system goes down. They are determined to provide their clients with a highly reliable service.

High-performance infrastructure

Fairdesk’s proprietary match engine is able to efficiently handle over 450,000 orders per second, with 99.9% of the orders executed in a single millisecond. This provides their clients with an extremely fast trading experience.


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