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Fighting NFT Fakes and Duplicates with AI

NFTify, also known as “the Shopify for NFT”, has just revealed that its NFTify AI Services demo is live. This feature allows NFT (non-fungible token) creators, marketers, buyers and sellers to sniff out any fakes, duplicates and inappropriate content using the NFTify app.

NFTify AI Services is an artificial intelligence-powered search engine designed to protect the value of digital asset IP (Intellectual Property) — the first of its kind in the NFT market.

Those who are interested in NFTs are now able to research diverse NFT attributes from fakes and duplicates to inappropriate content, so as to protect their IP and the lower trade risks.

The collectibles markets have experienced a drop in value over the past decade due to a steep increase in forgeries. For instance, the falsification of sports card grades and autographs have become more prevalent in the market. Forgeries have also devalued the art market considerably, estimated to account for one-third of artworks in circulation.

NFTify is combating the issues above by providing a way to research NFT copyright and unique attributes.

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