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Google Cloud Joins Theta Labs’ Blockchain-Based Video Network

Theta Labs, known for its blockchain-based video network and platform that currently facilitates the decentralized streaming of esports or gaming for viewers, announced its partnership with Google Cloud on May 27 where the Alphabet subsidiary will not only function as one of twelve enterprise validator nodes for Theta, but also offer Google Cloud users to run nodes on Theta’s network.

“Theta is unique in that their video delivery network needs both a reliable, high-performance network – which we provide via our premium network tier – as well as reputable node operators to ensure protocol security,” said Google Cloud developer advocate Allen Day to Coindesk.

Other validator nodes include notable firms such as Binance, Blockchain Ventures and venture fund gumi Crypto Inc.. With the addition of Google Cloud, the company has staked 5 million THETA tokens on Google’s behalf. Theta is aiming to onboard 31 external enterprise validators that would oversee the validation of blocks on the Theta network. Currently, Theta has 12 enterprise validator nodes, 387 guardian nodes and 2093 edge cacher nodes across the globe. In the future, Google Cloud users will be able to deploy nodes directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Theta’s vision is to provide alternatives to current centralized online entertainment distribution models, which end up creating excess pressure on networks to perform. By integrating blockchain technology, Theta encourages users to share their bandwidths with other users, and the end result is higher quality videos and faster downloads for users. For businesses that rely on content streaming and distribution, Theta’s network will offer lower costs on their end while providing greater efficiency.

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