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How to Learn Blockchain – Becoming Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Technology is a ground-breaking innovation stirring up attention worldwide.

Building a career in Blockchain technology is a thrilling new opportunity worth delving into.

It is the backbone of digital cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.It is the fastest growing skill currently and the demand for people with these skills is high and expected to increase in the future.

However, most people tend to confuse Bitcoin with the Blockchain technology. For a fact, some even use them interchangeably. So, what exactly is the Blockchain and how does it work?


In the simplest of terms, blockchain technology is a collection of blocks that contain the sender and the receiver’s information. The blockchain also contains information about the amount of money sent through the blockchain.A structured technology for publicly storing transaction records, also known as blocks, in multiple databases known as a “chain” of a network connected to peer-to-peer nodes. This repository is commonly referred to as the “digital ledger”.


There are certain basic skills a budding Blockchain enthusiast should possess. These skills will aid in a quicker grasp of the intricacies of the technology used in the Blockchain. These skills include, but not limited to:


To kick off a career in Blockchain Technology, an enthusiast must have a background in Information Technology, Computer Science and Information Security.

A good understanding of data structures is essential. In blockchain technology, data is not stored in tables but as blocks. Blockchain also makes use of a distributed ledger, which involves recording, sharing and synchronizing transactions with the aid of independent computers.

Therefore, building a data structure is an essential skill to become a blockchain developer. A good grasp of programming languages ​​such as C ++, JAVA and Python will also help.


Cryptography forms the basis of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are named after cryptography.

Cryptography is the process of creating public key encryptions such as hash functions and digital signatures. E-commerce sites make use of this hash function to secure payments on their platforms.

Blockchain security is an umbrella term that encompasses cryptographic functions and other security technologies needed to start a career in blockchain technology. Other skills required include Merkle proofs, elliptic curve digital signatures, cryptographic hashing and many others.


To start a blockchain career, it is important to understand the numerous blockchain platforms. There are several blockchain platforms.

It is necessary to focus only on the most commonly used blockchain platforms to avoid getting confused. Some of the blockchain platforms include Ripple, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, etc.


Generally, most people wish to kickstart their bitcoin career on the Blockchain but are confused on how to go about it. There are several means to achieve this and most of them are available for free on the internet. Here are a few ways to learn about the Blockchain technology as a novice:

– Online Blockchain Courses: E-learning has taken root in all areas, making it easier to learn any skill today. A quick search on the Internet will bring up various basic Blockchain courses available for FREE. Since remote learning is becoming more regular, these courses can be done anywhere in the world. However, some advanced courses with in-depth tutoring require fees to be paid.

– YouTube Videos: Video tutorials are the easiest to understand. YouTube is a limitless resource for learning about blockchain technology with interactive and holistic learning aids.So many Blockchain YouTube channels provide these materials, where you can subscribe and learn about Blockchain technology at your convenience.

– Online Blockchain Communities and Groups: Participating in blockchain communities such as online discussion forums and blogs can also help you learn about blockchain technology. By participating in these forums, you can gain new insights and first-hand knowledge from people experienced in the field of blockchain technology.

– Acquire a Blockchain Certification: You might have come across online certifications or probably heard about them randomly. Platforms that host these online certifications give people the chance to acquire skills of their choice for a certificate in return.

There are lessons to attend, courses to complete within the specified period and exams to take before these certifications in Blockchain technology can be given out. These certifications provide you with a chance to strengthen your CV when applying for jobs in companies looking for technology skills.


There are a couple of jobs in Blockchain that provide you with the stepping stone to launch a flourishing career in Blockchain technology. Platforms with crypto jobs, like LaborX make it easier to find a job to secure and provide an opportunity to assess the job market.

Naturally, as you begin to gather knowledge on various topics related to blockchain technology, you will be more inclined towards one particular topic than others. This aspect helps people decide which career in blockchain technology is best for them.


A blockchain developer is someone who helps companies explore blockchain platforms and develop potential applications using the technology. Blockchain developer is the most sought-after skill in blockchain technology. If you have experience working with programming languages ​​like C++, Python, Java, then you can look forward to advancing your career as a blockchain developer.

A blockchain developer’s responsibilities include, among other things, the writing or testing of code for apps that interface with and make use of the blockchain in various business, financial, or data activities. You collaborate with developers, architects, and others who have the necessary qualifications and expertise to create apps and software solutions that make use of blockchain technology. These individuals may come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

A certified blockchain developer is one who is familiar with the architecture of the blockchain, the technologies that lie beneath it, and the steps that must be taken to integrate the various blockchain components into a single functioning system.

The programmer is aware of how cryptography and data structures are incorporated into the framework of the blockchain, as well as how to establish efficient consensus protocols and how to construct decentralized applications and smart contracts.



It takes a diverse set of abilities to make a qualified blockchain developer. It might be tough to know which skills are the most crucial to pursue when beginning a career in blockchain development.

However, every professional should have these four critical blockchain developer skills:

1. Cryptography

A solid foundation in cryptographic principles and techniques, including wallets, keys, and digital signatures, is necessary for developers in order to provide a blockchain ecosystem that is secure. Strong cryptography is vital to achieving this goal.

2. Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain developers need a comprehensive understanding of both the technology behind blockchains and the architecture they are based on. They should have a solid understanding of many concepts, such as cryptography, consensus, hash functions, and so on.

3. Smart Contracts

A “smart contract” is a computer-generated agreement between a buyer and seller that can carry out its own terms and conditions. A solid grasp of smart contracts and how they may be used to enforce business logic is essential for any developer working on a blockchain implementation.

Smart contract languages, such as Vyper, Solidity, or Chaincode, should also be acquainted with by a blockchain developer.

4. Data Structures

Data structures are the building blocks of the whole blockchain network. Each block is a sort of data structure that may be thought of as a collection of transactions that are added to the public ledger.

Blockchain developers are required to interact with data structures on a regular basis and should be familiar with the ways in which the network makes use of these structures. In addition to this, they should be knowledgeable with the numerous types of data structures, such as hash trees, graphs, heaps, Patricia trees etc

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